Aerial cables general models and types

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    Aerial cables include the following types and models:
    1, the use of steel core aluminum stranded conductor XLPE insulated overhead insulated cable (model JKLGYJ-1, 1X10/2), pole span can be 20 meters, JKLGYJ-11X10/2 term allows ampacity is 75A, considering the distance of line loss, but is enough. Pay attention to the local power supply voltage is high, if is low, consider the use of the JKLGYJ-1, 1X16/3 (refer to the ampacity is 100A), the main consideration of the aluminum core wire line loss is bigger.
    2, do not use wire to wear tube, the tube is not conducive to heat. The aluminum core VLV and 3X10+1X6 or VLV, 0.6/1kv, 3X16+1X10 type polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated and sheathed power cable, the vertical pole pull rope, cable hook or insulating binding wire in wire rope can be. VLV, 3X10+1X6 reference carrier flow is VLV, 40A, 0.6/1kV, 3X16+1X10 reference load flow is 54A. Two kinds of aluminum core cable prices are not too expensive, basically almost.
    Aerial cable refers to the contact network in the electrified railway, along the rail shape erection, for the pantograph to take the flow of high voltage transmission line. The contact network is the main frame of the railway electrification project, and it is special form of transmission line which is set up over the railway line. The device is composed of contact suspension, supporting device, positioning device, supporting device and base.

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