Installation of overhead insulated cables

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    1. Hanging overhead cable line hanging installation include: hanging with the selection, installation suspension splint, cloth hanging, hanging connection, end, tighten the suspension and.
    Erecting hanging all plastic cable line pre hanging hook method, the pulley edge on the edge of the hanging method, fixed pulley traction method and the car pulls the movable pulley holder hanging method.
    2. Self bearing type overhead cable line and does not require the installation of a further suspension wire and cable hook hanging, but must use self bearing type special iron pieces, as long as the installation device for curved groove splint can be laying cable and then tighten self bearing steel wire, terminal.
    Aerial cable is the cable rack hanging in from the ground has a certain height pole of a cable construction with underground cables compared, although is more susceptible to outside influence and not safe enough, nor beautiful, but set up simple, construction cost low, so in the far away from the office, less number of users change greatly, laying underground cables have difficult place is still widely used.
    High voltage overhead cable generally use 300 the following all plastic cable, because of the cable itself has a certain weight, poor mechanical strength, so in addition to self supporting cable must set up another messenger wire, and use hook to supporting cable below messenger wire.

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